Sunday, 5 April 2015

the term 'I know how you feel'...

Assalamualaikum... oh mai gord.. its been so dayum long since this blog is/was updated~~~~ hohoho

ok so .. the title is a bit unusual for a title but I'm going to explain about it now..
So have u guys ever been in a situation where you guys are so sad and then your friends come and ask whats wrong... so u explain it  and then they say 'I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL'.. or vice versa..

Well in my opinion i dont think its ideal to say that.. if im pissed off and then someone says 'i know how you feel' ill probably get more pissed off.. Do you know why?? in my opinion... i dont think we have the power to say 'i know how you feel' unless we've been through the exact same situation.

People express feelings differently.. so how can we say 'I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL' it makes no freaking sense to me...

When a person says ' I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL' thats just bull man... sure it happened to us but people experience it differently, the emotion they feel is different.. take for example books.. sure their plot is cliche and its similar, its just how the authors tell us or the twist in stories are different... yeah something like that... so, people you see 'I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL' is a really bull response to me... unless you experience everything the same way..

Sure this term does help certain people.. but... if it was me id just ask you to back off...
like if my friend just lost her grandfather and then u say that term while you still have BOTH grandfather(s).. so tell me how exactly do you know how i feel when you still have both grandfather(s)... well i guess thats all.. LOL this isnt like a furious thing xD hahah... just ma opinions~~~

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Saturday, 18 October 2014

friendly (i guess) reminder xP

Assalamualaikum... hehheeh hahahah.... Its been a while hasnt it. huhuhu....

so basically we jihan have finally passed(?) our final term...  yess *claps..* but that's not what i want to talk about.. i would like to reminder all of us of the things we say.

as we all know words can hurt us.. not physically but emotionally and an emotional pain hurts far worse than physical pain. There is a saying im not sure if the prophet said it or was it stated in the Quran that Words are sharper than knifes... Because what we say is far more worse that the knifes scars that it leaves (please excuse my bad English if it is bad xD)

 People have u ever wondered yg nnt kat qiamat we will be questioned on all the things we do... Including the things we post and say. kat qiamat nnt klau Allah tanye why do we say this and post this and all nak jawab ape... have u guess ever thought of that...

This is why the brain is on top of our heads... above the eyes ears nose and mouth.. Its for us to think before we do stuffs... Alhamdulillah be thankful to Allah.. EVERYTHING He does is for a reason everything He gives is for a reason... sooooo, before we post or say anything.. we think first child (xD)

soooooo in conclusion to all the things ive mention up above is that
1.Everything happens for a reason
2. Alhamdulillah be thankful... ALWAYS...
3. Think before we say or act
4. think before we post and say
5. Think,think,think...

kk thats all byeee Assalamualaikum lovelies.. hehhe
 this has been jihan.. ps 2013 pic xD

Saturday, 28 June 2014


 heh wow... its been a longggg time since i've last updated this blog...  D: :| and ..umm.... i dont really know what i'll be posting about :| just felt like posting... :|  ummm ummm......... ughh i'm wasting my time... i should be studying since we will be having our mid-term examination starting tomorrow...and i dont think im even close to ready yet ._. :|  aishh... not only that... this tine,the exam's format is gonna be really reallyyyyy reallyyyyyyyyy hard... okay i might be exaggerating a little bit...but its true!! there wont be any objective (bulat bulat A B C D) questions.... ughhh.... looks like we will have to work harder to get good grades... thats right... Allah once mentioned that when we work hard in shaa Allah we'll get what we want ^^ so... everyone hwaiting!! :D Lets work hard together ^^  and wow... Its Ramadhan!!! :D Alhamdulilah...Alhamdulillah... Alhamdulillah ^^ we still have the chance to kumpulkan pahala~~ ^u^ Thank you,Allah! Grab this chance and collect as much pahala as you can!!!! Do MORE good deeds and make sure it continues until the end of your time... or in other words until you die.. try and try and dont stop trying! In shaa Allah...we can do it! (Amin) ^^  Lets work hard for this too!! ^^ wokeyh.. i think thats all for now~~ Assalamualaikum hope this post benefits you readers and myself also.. :{>
Ughh... exams~~ >< *sighs*