Sunday, 29 January 2012

JiHaN Boleh accept sesiape yg ingin join ths group ok! >_^
x kesahlah brp byk 9 mcm SNSD or klu lebih pun xpe...
sape nk join silakan...>_<! xD!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

silly me ^_^

assslamualaikum , what up readers  i am being silly today dont no why readers try to watch kids react to nyan cat and the duck song... please i am BEGGING you please p/s sape sape yang follow pastu ada blog BAGITAHULAH  

Monday, 23 January 2012

Sunday, 22 January 2012

back home! xD!

YAY! nxt week ade sport day! wohoo!
 im coming to yellow house b4 rmh biru skrg coming bck! team dgn jamie plk tu besnyer rse tpi jihan lain dkt rmh lain
ainul.rmh hijau
najwa.rmh biru(still same)
mse drjh 2 i dkt rmh yellow pstu when i std 3&4 rmh blue(std 5 xde sport day skip year)now im coming back to yellow house so my other friends tu good luck la yeh! jgn ade prasaan bkn2 ok? xD!
(jgn trkjt tgk muke tuh! hehehe...xD)

bored... nothing to do -

haish balik raye CINA ni balik kampung jauh2 cuti pnjg mcm raya puase ponteng skolah ke tidaknye pun x tau lg pun klu blik kmpung ni mne ade org ade my aunt n my cousin plk smlm cuti prg terengganu hri ni bru de blik(skjpnye...) rsenye ponteng hri rabu kot sbb adelah urusan yg penting.rse boring plk duduk kt rmh ni klu xde keje lain bkk internet tgk tv hw dh siap x tau nk buat ape lps tu.rsenye ptg ni nk g jln2 cuz my cousin dh blik tpi rse still -_- jgk hmmm nk buat cne...
sekian wassalam,

Friday, 20 January 2012

Friendship rules!!!!! ( no playing I am being serious *_*)

1. No leaving bffff behind I mean it 2. Never make your bffff feel like she is being ignored. 3. Never hang out to much with other group member if they have their own group. It makes us friend feel like we are not being (layan) I do not know what is the word in English. 4. What ever you do always say sorry 5. Ask your bffff if she or he have something wrong if they don't act and look right I think that's all from h and sorry cause I didn't start with Salam so by assalammualaikum .... XD





Thursday, 19 January 2012

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

sorry lupa nak ckp huda punya inspiration :p

okey im sorry cause i forgot to write who my inspiration is.... im just a normal person i cant remember everything.... okey back to topic my first inspiration is nabi muhammad SAW, my third one is umar al hathab i think thats how to spell it ) my second is abu bakar as-sidik i think thats how i spell it sorry terbalik letak my fourth is my mommy. the reason why they are my inspiration is because their nica brave sweet soft kind fair and much more bye assalamualaikum .... :)

What 'huda' likes XD

Assalammualaikum , huda h wants to to you readers what I love to eat n my inspiration :) What I love to eat when I'm bored is chocolate n food : Twix Milo chocolate bar N my fav food is if in Malay I luv to eat mi kari and Nasir goreng If western food I love pasta so much n lasagna...... That's all n if your getting fat n fatter why do you care what do you care their maybe getting fatter than you XD. (I would have upload photos if I could but I really don't know hope who's ever nice enough to teach me I am so grateful to you :) :p )

Saturday, 14 January 2012

THX kak malie sbb kasi kteorg cincin! xD
sori lmbt nk update...