Sunday, 26 February 2012

Hey please read :)

Salam huda here n I would like to share something to you people.... Okey first do you know we get either a reward or a sin every time we do something. I would to share a story. Ok it was on Friday I was watching the boys playing this type of game. And suddenly the thing I don't know what that thing is called hit my foot so I kicked it away. And this 'boy' said to me:'Weh toyol bagi balik' I didn't know where it was because you know I kicked it and that boy keep saying the same thing. Until I told them I didn't know where is that thing so that boy and his friend came to where I was sitting in a very bad mood. They were searching for that thing they told me to give it back. I told them again I don't know and suddenly they found it it was located at if I'm not mistaken at najwa's bag or mine. And the moral of the story is that calling people bad name is a sin and kicking people's stuff is a sin too so I would like to say I'm sorry... :)

Best Friend Forever

Assalamualaikum W.B.T,I'm N!!!Today i would  like to talk about friends.
Friends are always there for you.Friends are the one who make us happy,laugh,cry and smile!Even pandas know how to share their drinks with their friends.
<This is for JIHAN
Lonely Domo playing on the swing...

When we have no friends we will be lonely at school.Say sorry if you did something wrong to them,okay???JIHAN and other friendsI would like to say sorry if I did something wrong okay.Please forgive me because im a normal human too.
I love my friends.Thank you Allah for giving me the nicest friends and best friends in the world.Thats all.Assalamualaikum W.B.T.
I love you all!Thanks for making my life full with happiness and laughter.
*To all readers,please don't steal or copy any pictures that we post!!IM SERIUS!!xD*

Friday, 17 February 2012


J&I td ade yellow team pny meeting so kteorg discuss psl maskot ape sume tulah...
dh discuz tu nk blik da la...
ok lps dh blik tu I pn ckp kt mom de yg de need to buy spray paint tau using teacher pny ($ chaching$) u knw wht i dh blik my mom nk singgah dkt econsave tau mst igtkn nk cri kt situ tp xde sso terpakselah g dkt kdai hardware yg I biase tu...sbnrnye nk bli spray paint tu dkt situlah ckp kt teacher yg spray tu 12.90 per each kn so teacher ksi 20 ringgit pst tgk kdai tu tutup plk so I g dkt another kdai hardware yg I biaselah jgk...I pn g kt situ
kat situ ade any color,..ade yg shiny yg x pn ade thn I choose yg shiny pny tau I igt nk bli 2 tp tkt x ckp nnt I pn bli 3...pst nk g byr nk tau ape jd lps tu...
duit x cukup sedihnye...pst I ckp "uncle,x ckp duit lah..." pst uncle tu ckp x pelah well actually x ckp 70 sen jer pn...=P dh byr pst lpe plk nk ambik itu sje cter de...
                                                                                                                       >THE END<

Monday, 6 February 2012

Friday, 3 February 2012

piZap pic

piZap pic


hey...Assalamualaikum..i donno what 2 write......i just want to put some pictures heheh...xD.......dont you dare take this pictures!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

HUDA IS AWESOME (sorry klau salah thats what i think)

Huda is awesome cause she has awesome best friend which is (drum roll please) ok guess first i dare you to get it right??? of course you know it is JIHAN they are awesome im dead serious.... JIHAN  i <3 you as my AWESOME pals guys we are all awesome....