Tuesday, 1 October 2013

please just please

So assalamualaikum its been a while right i know. so u might be curious about the title so i would like to beg well not beg more like plead and ask some exotic who are sasaeng fans to please consider what you guys are doing.
so my pleading start her:

so as you guys know EXO and we love them. well JIHAN admires their talent in singing and dancing. but, lately us jihan have heard there is this crazy fans that are called sasaeng fans. and well im just disappointed by them . sasaeng fans please you've been hurting them and not helping them. dont you guys have mercy or hearts ive heard recently you guys crashed baekhyun's brothers wedding and if im not mistaken you sasaeng fans got mad cuz he either got mad or didnt acknowledge your presence. guys ive heard you guys hurt kai and he is in pain but do you guys care of course not u guys just want his picture you guys would keep them guys, please think this throughly . ok imagine you guys are a band and you guys have worked your butts of practicing none stop but then your dreams got crushed cuz some fans are crazy for you. dont you think its saddening. i could cry just listening to it(besides palestine,syria,rohingnya and other countries) guys do you guys want exo to stop performing? please dear fans please stop, your hurting them please. just think first and have mercy. you guys are just self centered, selfish,  snooby sasaeng fans. please listen when im saying it nicely. we want them to last for a long time. let their hard work be benefited and not wasted like its trash. so thats all. Also support R4BIAH and pray for Islamic countries. have hearts and well thats all.

jihan out saranghae. Assalamualaikum

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

imperfect is perfect ^^

Assalamualaikum...wow its been a while.. recently i've just finish reading an awsum fanfics... and i found a quote which inspired me'imperfect is perfect.' get it? ok so what this guy said to the girl is that quote just know. how it got me inspired is the way he explain it. he said that there is no such term as perfect on this earth to us normal people. you would be a robot because you are perfect therefore u dont make mistake as u are perfect. he/she (i forgot) also said the saddest smiled the brightest, the wrongest are the wisest (the one that accidentally went the wrong way) and all.. he said there is no such things as a perfect family as every family will always have secrets.

 i want to say a little abt that fanfic. the girl doesnt really smile after she entered high school as she was having a family competition between her brother. her brother was the one that got all the attention and praises and all.. she feel for a guy who cared for her after around 2 years. when she realizes her true feelings she asked people where was that guy that she has spend all her time with. that guy who cared for her when everyone didnt care for her , that guy who accepted her when the world was mean. turns out she was hallucinating. all those years of hugging with him,kissed with him,shared her pain with him. she was devastated. but that guy exist alright. only that time her mind controlled her. and when she finally realize she loves him back her mind had to bring her back to reality by making the guy she love disappear. I actually cried while reading it as it was so heart touching and i felt like i felt her pain even though i have never been in love... so yeah thats all

Monday, 24 June 2013


Hey baby you,you got what I need
But you say you're just a friend...
  -Austin Mahone
Don't say goodbye cause I will be back again
Don't say goodbye this is the start and not the end
  -Casper Feddema
Everybody makes mistakes,Everybody has those days
Everybody knows what-what Im talking about,Everybody gets that way
  -Hannah Montana
Puttin' my defences up,Cause I don't wanna fall in love
If I ever did that I think I have a heart attack
  -Demi Lovato

Sky Trex

spe ingat ni??

Jason Derulo - It Girl (Cover By Casper Feddema)

Sunday, 26 May 2013


assalamualaikum..lama tak post dah kn...so we some of the jihan's like k-pop...its awsum..k-pop awsum...J likes/loves infinite...while H.A.N likes B.A.P..they are awsum songs....

awsum..n cuteness...dedicated to J(infinite pics.) H.A.N (B.A.P)

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Sorry if we have done mistakes

Assalamualaikum, wow its been so long since we posted something...ok...i just what to share that i am really grateful that i go to this amazing fantastic school... Why??? Cuz now when i go out i will wear armsocks...and i will wear longer cloths... Alhamdulillah...there has been tough challenges.... Well u gotta have some challenges in live.....when Allah gives you a lot of challenges it means He loves you...but if He drowns you in fortune or fame or popularity or anything else it means you are far from Allah..its because when you are facing challenges you will always rememmber Allah but when you are drowning in rezeki do you say Alhamdulillah??? When you wake up do you say Alhamdulillah or read the doa... Wow i am off topic..but never mind... Before i end this i just want to say sorry to everyone if jihan have done have done anything wrong or mistakes to you guys...well thats all
Assalamualaikum.  Have a nice holiday y'all.. xD

Friday, 1 March 2013

long time...

As salam..... sori cuz we havent post anything... ok so hey watcha doin?//????

i just want too say to those who have facebooks and always post stuff like what your feeling right now..or whatever k..

so please dont use your ur fbs(facebooks) in wrong ways. k guys
for example if you guys post something bad like 4 example - 'cis _____(whoever)sampai hati x dtg.../smpai hati bocorkan rahsia aq ....aq percayakn de de mempermainkan aq..sampai hati ko....'

and then you guys dpt tau de sebenar nye x bocorkan rahsia korang pon...so what you have actually post just now is like a fitnah..n that is berdosa...im sorry is it fitnah or tuduh..im not sure..but then a lot of people will might hate the person you guys were talking about.n u get sin 4 that ....as long as dont wipe that post away you get sin continuously...so my dear believed brother and sisters please please oh please dont us your fb 4 something not good....i know we all want to go to our rightful home which is jannah ....so make less sin..try your best to try to do less sin... thats all 4 now. Assalam

Monday, 4 February 2013

just a reminder


it says that ' di hari kiamat akn keluar seekor binatang dari neraka jahanam 'Huraisy' berasal dari anak kala jengking. Besarnya Huraisy ini dari timur ke barat. panjangnya pula seperti langit dan bumi. Malaikat Jibril bertanya 'Hai Huraisy engkau hendak ke mana dan siapa yang kau mencari?'

Huraisy pun menjawa ' aku mencari lima org. pertama org yang meninggalkan solat.kedua org yang enggan membayar zakat.ketiga org yang derhaka terhadap ibu bapa. keempat org yg bercakap tentang bumi didalam masjid.kelima org yang suka meminum arak. thats all

Friday, 4 January 2013

first day as a teenager

well hi and As salam ...im goin to write about the first day of school... it was kind of...un expected? well i think thats the write word to write.. anyways it felt kind of weird having new friends at school. cuz ussually there would only be you know the old gang...this year is totally new cuz one of the jihan memer is not at the same school as the other 4 soo sad :'( it makes my heart break but ....life is a box of chocolate so just keep moving...im sure we will pray for the best for her... amin. so it was a spectacular day at school as usual. wel i hope your first day at school is as AWESUM as mine :D ...

xoxoxo love from jihan bye and as salam