Saturday, 28 July 2012

happy feeling

Assalamualaikum and all... this is H and i want to tell you something.... since year six has passed our trial and some of the resultsare already told.. i am really happy because so far 2 subject and i've gotten my results as well and you will never guess what happened or maybe you will ok here it goes i manage to obtain 2 A's so far and i hope me and and my peeps (firend) manage to obtain 5 A's also and just remember we are all the same no difference.... so exam is actually showing how much we have berusaha. so work hard k guys and Insya-Allah we can obain those 5 A's and remmember also niat. niat kerana Allah not because wewant a gift from our parents. so best of like for all. believe in me we can do it

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