Saturday, 3 November 2012


salam... friendship is such a woooow thing its like a really amazing object and feeling that you feel that you need to have.... its because to avoid loneliness... i feel sad when my bff is spending more time with some one else i know i shouldnt be jealous but hey im a normal person i have feelings too... its super sad... and yes i know that people doesnt want to always spend time with just the same person... but hey ... well its awesome to know JIHAN will INSYA ALLAH will be by my side and will always accept me 4 who i am... and i hope my bff wont ditch me with some other person cuz that would be soooo sad... cuz i look up to her.. they are all amazing awesome pretty intelligent wonderful people that i love so...thats all i guess... remember JIHAN and my other person I LOVE YOU so muchhhh... muah.... :p ;p =p =) =D xD salam

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