Friday, 1 March 2013

long time...

As salam..... sori cuz we havent post anything... ok so hey watcha doin?//????

i just want too say to those who have facebooks and always post stuff like what your feeling right now..or whatever k..

so please dont use your ur fbs(facebooks) in wrong ways. k guys
for example if you guys post something bad like 4 example - 'cis _____(whoever)sampai hati x dtg.../smpai hati bocorkan rahsia aq percayakn de de mempermainkan aq..sampai hati ko....'

and then you guys dpt tau de sebenar nye x bocorkan rahsia korang what you have actually post just now is like a fitnah..n that is sorry is it fitnah or not sure..but then a lot of people will might hate the person you guys were talking about.n u get sin 4 that long as dont wipe that post away you get sin my dear believed brother and sisters please please oh please dont us your fb 4 something not good....i know we all want to go to our rightful home which is jannah make less sin..try your best to try to do less sin... thats all 4 now. Assalam

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