Thursday, 9 May 2013

Sorry if we have done mistakes

Assalamualaikum, wow its been so long since we posted something...ok...i just what to share that i am really grateful that i go to this amazing fantastic school... Why??? Cuz now when i go out i will wear armsocks...and i will wear longer cloths... Alhamdulillah...there has been tough challenges.... Well u gotta have some challenges in live.....when Allah gives you a lot of challenges it means He loves you...but if He drowns you in fortune or fame or popularity or anything else it means you are far from Allah..its because when you are facing challenges you will always rememmber Allah but when you are drowning in rezeki do you say Alhamdulillah??? When you wake up do you say Alhamdulillah or read the doa... Wow i am off topic..but never mind... Before i end this i just want to say sorry to everyone if jihan have done have done anything wrong or mistakes to you guys...well thats all
Assalamualaikum.  Have a nice holiday y'all.. xD

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