Saturday, 28 June 2014


 heh wow... its been a longggg time since i've last updated this blog...  D: :| and ..umm.... i dont really know what i'll be posting about :| just felt like posting... :|  ummm ummm......... ughh i'm wasting my time... i should be studying since we will be having our mid-term examination starting tomorrow...and i dont think im even close to ready yet ._. :|  aishh... not only that... this tine,the exam's format is gonna be really reallyyyyy reallyyyyyyyyy hard... okay i might be exaggerating a little bit...but its true!! there wont be any objective (bulat bulat A B C D) questions.... ughhh.... looks like we will have to work harder to get good grades... thats right... Allah once mentioned that when we work hard in shaa Allah we'll get what we want ^^ so... everyone hwaiting!! :D Lets work hard together ^^  and wow... Its Ramadhan!!! :D Alhamdulilah...Alhamdulillah... Alhamdulillah ^^ we still have the chance to kumpulkan pahala~~ ^u^ Thank you,Allah! Grab this chance and collect as much pahala as you can!!!! Do MORE good deeds and make sure it continues until the end of your time... or in other words until you die.. try and try and dont stop trying! In shaa Allah...we can do it! (Amin) ^^  Lets work hard for this too!! ^^ wokeyh.. i think thats all for now~~ Assalamualaikum hope this post benefits you readers and myself also.. :{>
Ughh... exams~~ >< *sighs* 

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