Wednesday, 14 August 2013

imperfect is perfect ^^ its been a while.. recently i've just finish reading an awsum fanfics... and i found a quote which inspired me'imperfect is perfect.' get it? ok so what this guy said to the girl is that quote just know. how it got me inspired is the way he explain it. he said that there is no such term as perfect on this earth to us normal people. you would be a robot because you are perfect therefore u dont make mistake as u are perfect. he/she (i forgot) also said the saddest smiled the brightest, the wrongest are the wisest (the one that accidentally went the wrong way) and all.. he said there is no such things as a perfect family as every family will always have secrets.

 i want to say a little abt that fanfic. the girl doesnt really smile after she entered high school as she was having a family competition between her brother. her brother was the one that got all the attention and praises and all.. she feel for a guy who cared for her after around 2 years. when she realizes her true feelings she asked people where was that guy that she has spend all her time with. that guy who cared for her when everyone didnt care for her , that guy who accepted her when the world was mean. turns out she was hallucinating. all those years of hugging with him,kissed with him,shared her pain with him. she was devastated. but that guy exist alright. only that time her mind controlled her. and when she finally realize she loves him back her mind had to bring her back to reality by making the guy she love disappear. I actually cried while reading it as it was so heart touching and i felt like i felt her pain even though i have never been in love... so yeah thats all

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