Tuesday, 1 October 2013

please just please

So assalamualaikum its been a while right i know. so u might be curious about the title so i would like to beg well not beg more like plead and ask some exotic who are sasaeng fans to please consider what you guys are doing.
so my pleading start her:

so as you guys know EXO and we love them. well JIHAN admires their talent in singing and dancing. but, lately us jihan have heard there is this crazy fans that are called sasaeng fans. and well im just disappointed by them . sasaeng fans please you've been hurting them and not helping them. dont you guys have mercy or hearts ive heard recently you guys crashed baekhyun's brothers wedding and if im not mistaken you sasaeng fans got mad cuz he either got mad or didnt acknowledge your presence. guys ive heard you guys hurt kai and he is in pain but do you guys care of course not u guys just want his picture you guys would keep them guys, please think this throughly . ok imagine you guys are a band and you guys have worked your butts of practicing none stop but then your dreams got crushed cuz some fans are crazy for you. dont you think its saddening. i could cry just listening to it(besides palestine,syria,rohingnya and other countries) guys do you guys want exo to stop performing? please dear fans please stop, your hurting them please. just think first and have mercy. you guys are just self centered, selfish,  snooby sasaeng fans. please listen when im saying it nicely. we want them to last for a long time. let their hard work be benefited and not wasted like its trash. so thats all. Also support R4BIAH and pray for Islamic countries. have hearts and well thats all.

jihan out saranghae. Assalamualaikum

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